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SCaN for Line Managers

Last Updated 22 January 2024

We are pleased to announce the release of a new See, Check and Notify (SCaN) module, taking SCaN in a new direction focussing on Hostile Reconnaissance and Insider Risk!

SCaN for Line Managers is designed for members of staff in supervisory or management roles within organisations, to increase their awareness of the hostile reconnaissance that could be undertaken by someone within their organisation in preparation for an insider event. This module will help staff identify this activity and know how they can help counter it.

SCaN for Line Managers Module

SCaN for Line Managers is designed as a 'bolt-on' SCaN module. We strongly recommend that learners undertake a 'core' SCaN Module (All Staff, Customer Facing, Communications Professionals and CCTV Operators) before SCaN for Line Managers. 


Much like the SCaN for all staff module, we also strongly recommend security managers from organisations, venues and events utilise the facilitator notes and knowledge check to run facilitated SCaN for Line Managers sessions with their staff, and not just ask staff to view this film on it's own.


The module outlines the core components of SCaN, focussing on how they apply to insider threat:


  • See – Understanding what hostile reconnaissance could look like in a workplace and how to spot it. 

  • Check – Knowing what to do as a manager if you suspect hostile reconnaissance or identify suspicious activity from a colleague. 

  • Notify – who you should tell and what you should tell them. 


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The SCaN for Line Managers film forms part of the wider SCaN programme. If you'd like to find out more about this programme go to the NPSA SCaN page or speak to your local Counter Terrorism Security Advisor (CTSA).

There are multiple ways to access the SCaN for Line Managers module: 

  • Online - As an individual learner you can watch the film and do our knowledge check through the Highfield e-learning website. Open the package and select the 'Individual' option.
  • Facilitated session - Your organisation can run group sessions for themselves. If you'd like to run a group session for your colleagues, go to the Highfield e-learning website and select the 'Facilitator' option, then 'Access online now'. This will give you access to the detailed facilitators notes to help you run an effective SCaN for Line Managers awareness session. 
  • Through your organisation's own eLearning system - Your organisation can also embed the awareness session into their own eLearning system to allow individuals to complete the learning 'offline'. If you wish to obtain a copy of the learning package for use internally, you can request a SCORM file for download by going to the Highfield e-learning website, selecting the 'Facilitator' option and then 'Request SCORM download.'


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