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Security Culture Survey Tool

Last Updated 25 February 2023

Getting security culture right for your organisation is a fundamental part of its protective security regime. When you have an effective security culture, your people become your biggest asset. There are several reasons why organisations seek to assess their security culture. They might seek to:

• Engage key decision makers in setting the vision for the style of security culture that is right for the organisation.
• Baseline their current security culture and behaviours to identify key concerns, prioritise resource and assess the impact of planned interventions.   
• Identify the root causes driving security concerns, and direct and shape future interventions and initiatives. 
• Understand how their workforce views their existing policies, processes, and initiatives to see what is working well and where they could make improvements.

Continuous development of the NPSA Security Culture Survey Tool and accompanying advice and guidance is underway. We are shortly entering a pilot phase of this work, testing our revised approach with a range of sectors and government departments. This piloting will inform any modifications required before the tool is launched.

The new tool will be more accessible and flexible to the needs of the organisation. With recommendations generated automatically based on their workforce’s responses, it will also allow organisations to engage with their results independently without the direct support of an NPSA Advisor.

If you would like to be notified when the security culture survey tool is available for use, please submit your details on the NPSA Contact Us Form.

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