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Stafford Bridge Doors Ltd

Pavenham (Single)

Category: Doors, Portals, Turnstiles and Locking Hardware

Sub Category: Building Security Doors

Standard Tested To: MTAS V1.0

Pavenham (Single)


The Pavenham doorset is a 46 mm thick solid timber cored door leaf.

The door is hung in a timber frame on three stainless steel hinges or full length geared piano hinge. (FD30-60 fire rated).


Single Doorset:

Leaf Weight: 53kg Frame:

32kg Total: 85kg




Frame & Leaf Finishes:

Gloss Painted (MDF faces only)

Timber Veneered Plastic Laminate



Inward Opening – Yes

Outward Opening – Yes (minimum of 3no hinge bolts, with a minimum of 19mm engagement).



Internal – Yes

External – Yes (tricoya MDF faces only